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1.文化体制改革 reform of cultural administrative system

2.文化(事业内部)机制改革 internal reform of cultural institutions

3.文化事业 public cultural undertakings

4.文化产业 cultural industries

5.文化事业单位 cultural institutions

6.社会文化和图书馆事业 work of community culture and libraries

7.经营性文艺演出 commercial (art and cultural) performance

8.经营性文化单位 cultural enterprises

9.“全国舞台精品工程” Works of Excellence on the Nation’s Stage

10.“文化扶贫计划” Culture-aid Program/Cultural Aid Program

11.“全国文化信息资源共享工程” National Project for the Sharing of Cultural Information and Resources

12.“国家清史纂修工程” National Project for the Recompilation of Qing Dynasty History

13.“三下乡”(文化、科技、卫生) Bringing Culture/Science and Technology/Hygienic Health to the Countryside

14.“群星奖” Galaxy Award (for amateur artists and community culture)

15.“文华奖” Splendor Award (for professional theatrical artworks)

16.“荷花奖” Lotus Award (for professional dance)

17.“孔雀奖” Peacock Award (for ethnic minority artists and artworks)

18.“五个一工程奖” the Best Works Award

19.“三个一百” "A Hundred Patriotic Films/Songs/Books" List


There should be cultural center and library in every county and cultural station in every township.


principles for the protection of cultural heritage: "preservation with timely rescue; utilization under strict control".

22.全国重点文物保护单位 important heritage site under state protection

23.全国一级文物保护单位 Class A Heritage site under state protection

24.国家一级保护文物 Class A heritage/cultural property under national protection

25.保护和振兴地方戏曲 protect and rejuvenate local operas

26.曲艺 Quyi folk show,chuyi folk show(folk ballads and story-telling, etc.)

27.讴歌时代 extol/hail/sing praise to(the progress of)the times

28.国家一级演员 National Class-A Actor/Actress/Performer/Artist

29.晚会 Evening performance, Soiree, Gala Night/Evening

30.总策划 Producer

31.策划 Executive Producer

32.顾问 Advisor

33.主办 under the auspices of / sponsored by / hosted by

34.协办、支持 co-sponsored by, supported by

35.承办 presented by

36.监制 supervised by

37.创意 event/concept designed by

38.对外文化贸易 international cultural trade

39.对外文化传播 international cultural communication

40.对外文化宣传 international cultural publicity

41.小额文化援助 small-fund aid for cultural development

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