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为发展中英全面战略伙伴关系奠定了坚实的基础 cement the foundation of our comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Britain

让国家政通人和、兴旺发达 promote stability, harmony and prosperity across the land

农村合作医疗制度 cooperative medical system in the rural area

学有所教、病有所医、老有所养 the young educated, the sick treated and the old cared for

多难兴邦 A country will emerge stronger from adversities.

追赶新科技革命的浪潮 Keep abreast of the latest trends of the scientific and technological revolution

既要实现国内的可持续发展,又要承担相应的国际责任 Pursue sustainable development at home while accepting our share of international responsibilities

合作应对,共度难关,是我们的首要任务 To work together and tide over the difficulties has become our top priority.

对国际货币金融体系进行必要的改革,建立公平、公正、包容、有序的国际金融新秩序。 Necessary reform of the international monetary and financial systems should be carried out to establish a new international financial order that is fair, equitable, inclusive and well-managed.

实体经济 real economy

保障性安居工程 government-subsidized housing

农村民生工程 projects related to the well-being of rural residents

增加银行体系流动性 Increase liquidity in the banking system.

大范围实施产业调整振兴计划 Implement a large-scale industrial restructuring and rejuvenation program.

全面推进产业结构调整和优化升级 Push forward industrial restructuring and upgrading across the board.

开发适销对路产品 development of marketable products

推动发展高科技产业群 Promote the development of high-tech industrial clusters

高度集中的计划经济 highly-centralized planned economy

放任自由 Laissez-faire

最终受到处罚 Eventually take its toll.

必须处理好金融创新与金融监管的关系、虚拟经济与实体经济的关系、储蓄与消费的关系 We must strike a balance between financial innovation and regulation, between the financial sector and real economy, and between saving and consumption.

《道德情操论》 The Theory of Moral Sentiments

丧失了道德底线 Cross the moral baseline

欧洲之行的最后一站 the last leg of my European trip

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